• Powerful, Flexible Server Log Monitoring Tool

    Powerful, Flexible Server Log Monitoring Tool

    Monitors Windows event and text logs on servers
    throughout your network, providing immediate
    notification of key events so you can take
    appropriate and timely action. Consolidates,
    archives, transforms and exports the log
    data to meet your compliance needs.


No limit to the number of servers or logs you can monitor with a single license

  • Log Management

    Log Management

    Collect, aggregate & filter your server and PC log data in one place, with no agents to install. Easily export to other software & services.

  • Detect, Investigate, Resolve

    Detect, Investigate, Resolve

    Powerful & flexible rule-based alerts keeps you informed. Aggregated, searchable views provide you with the information you need.

  • Compliance


    Archive data and schedule customizable reports to demonstrate compliance with applicable regulations and standards.


  • Monitor any log on your network (Windows security & other event logs plus any text log, including Unix).
  • Choose from real-time or scheduled monitoring on a per-log basis.
  • Aggregate event log data.
  • Highly configurable real-time filters, alerts & actions.
  • Flexible archiving, data export and reporting options.
  • Agentless solution with limitless scalability.
  • Choice of Microsoft-approved event gathering technologies.
  • Extremely competitive pricing model.

Choose Between LogMeister and EventMeister.

Buy only what you need. For managing the widest range of logs, choose LogMeister. For Windows event logs only, choose EventMeister.

  • LogMeister LogMeister

    Monitors standard and custom Windows event logs, a wide range of text logs, XML log streams, RSS feeds and Windows firewall logs.

  • EventMeister EventMeister

    Monitors Windows event logs only, but otherwise has all the features of LogMeister.

Why choose Our Products?

Available since 2004, LogMeister and EventMeister have been providing reliable server log monitoring to a wide range of clients including Armed Forces, Schools/Colleges, Health Care, Law Enforcement, Legal Firms, Government Agencies, Banks and Businesses of all sizes. Why did they all choose LogMeister?

  • Lean and Flexible Solution

    Lean and Flexible Solution

    Lightweight, Efficient, Tailored Solution

    Instead of targeting multiple rigid usage scenarios, our products provide the power, flexibility and integration capabilities to build strong custom solutions.

    You don't pay for tools you don't use, and you end up with a tailored solution that precisely matches your needs.

  • Easy Maintenance

    Easy Maintenance

    No Dependencies, No Agents.

    Our products have no dependencies on external databases, web servers or bloated, frequently updated runtimes.

    It is also an agent-free solution; there is nothing to install on the servers being monitored. Just one installation on one computer.

  • Extremely Competitive Pricing

    Extremely Competetive Pricing

    Monitor your entire network for $129.99!

    A single LogMeister or EventMeister license has no limit on the number of servers or log sources that can be monitored. There are no escalating costs or inventory management issues as your network grows.

    LogMeister costs $179.99 and EventMeister costs $129.99. Save thousands of dollars!

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Version 5 is under development

New features include:

  • SysLog Support

    SysLog Support

    The ability to receive and forward syslog events from a variety of servers/hardware on your network.
  • Multi-User Web Interface

    Multi-User Web Interface

    View LogMeister/EventMeister feeds via a web interface.
  • Optional Agents

    Optional Agents

    Option to use either agents or remote monitoring on a server by server basis.
  • New Ease-of-Use Features

    New Ease-of-use Features

    A number of new features to make setup and administration quicker and easier.

Release Date : March 2016

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