• Monitor any log on your network (Windows & Unix)
  • Choose from real-time or scheduled monitoring on a per-log basis
  • Aggregate event log data
  • Highly configurable real-time filters, alerts & actions
  • Flexible archiving, data export and reporting options
  • Agentless solution with limitless scalability
  • Choice of Microsoft-approved event gathering technologies
  • Extremely competitive pricing model

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Windows 8, 7, 2012, 2008, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, NT

"We are currently using Logmeister at several Army sites and we have several more sites interested in its event log monitoring capabilities."

Lisa J. Rosenberg
Information Security Engineer

A lean and extremely flexible solution for log management

Businesses can have widely varying goals for their log monitoring tools. Some prioritize server health, requiring the earliest possible warning of software / hardware failure. For others security is the main concern, and many simply need to demonstrate appropriate standards compliance. Instead of coming with a fixed set of analysis tools that target only a small set of usage scenarios, LogMeister instead provides huge flexibility for integration with external software, be they databases, reporting/statistical packages or automation suites.

The key benefits of this approach? You don't pay for tools you don't use, and you end up with a tailored solution that precisely matches your needs.

Easy Maintenance - No Agents Required on Monitored Servers

LogMeister is an agentless solution; there is no software to install on the servers being monitored. This saves time and effort both at initial deployment and during later software upgrades and maintenance.

Simply install LogMeister on single Windows computer and set it to work monitoring logs throughout your network

"One of my coleagues asked what the reponse times and level of helpfulness was like the other day since we bought the product. I told him I couldn't be more pleased with the level of service and knowledge."

Paul Barry
MIS Department

Monitor every log on your network for just $179.99

No catch

Excellent reliability

Responsive support

Our Extremely Competitive Pricing Model Could Save You Thousands

A single LogMeister license costing $179.99 allows you to monitor as many logs - on as many servers - as your hardware can support. You only need additional licenses if you want to cover multiple sites, spread the monitoring load across multiple installations, or double-up on existing installations for fail-safe redundancy.

This makes LogMeister an uncommonly cost-effective solution for small and large networks alike.

Used by Armed Forces, Schools and Colleges, Health Care, Law Enforcement, Legal Firms, Government Agencies, Small Businesses & Large Organizations Since 2004

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