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  1. Access denied for event logs on Server 2008 (R2) thru to Svr 2016, and Windows Vista to Windows 10
  2. Accessing new event log types on Server 2008 / 2012 / 2016
  3. Can I upgrade to the latest version?
  4. Can LogMeister parse a text log for which the filename changes every day?
  5. Checking the timezone bias used by WMI
  6. Does LogMeister / EventMeister work on Windows Server 2016?
  7. Does LogMeister/EventMeister work on Windows Server 2012?
  8. Essential Steps For Windows Event Log Collection
  9. Eventlog feeds show UTC instead of server time
  10. How do I upgrade to the latest version?
  11. How do I view only critical/error events?
  12. How should I to upgrade to version 5 if I also want to move the data folder out of the current user directory and into a common directory?
  13. How to create feeds for many servers when those servers aren't listed in the Eventlog Feed Wizard
  14. How to upgrade from EventMeister to LogMeister and keep feeds/notifications etc
  15. I can manually generate reports to a network share, but scheduled reports fail
  16. I want to migrate Logmeister to another machine with all the settings preserved. Can I do that?
  17. Is LogMeister capable of receiving logs from Cisco switches and routers?
  18. My text log name changes daily - how do I get LogMeister to always parse the most recent log?
  19. No feeds displayed after upgrade to version 5.x
  20. Options for exporting log data from LogMeister / EventMeister
  21. Our account passwords must be changed frequently; how do I change the logon passwords for all of my feeds at once?
  22. Poll now is disabled. Can you tell me why and how to get around this issue?
  23. Problems reading Win 8 / Svr 2012 Logs (access denied)
  24. Receiving Error: There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper
  25. Text log date/time parsing: what expressions should I use for date/times in the form MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss AM/PM ?
  26. The system date/time appears to have been changed recently
  27. Transfering LogMeister settings to a new computer
  28. Troubleshooting WMI errors and repository corruption
  29. Upgrading to version 5 and moving to a new computer at the same time
  30. Using WBEMTEST to troubleshoot WMI/DCOM problems with an Event Log Feed
  31. What ports need to be open on a hardware firewall to monitor logs?
  32. Where can I get the last V4/V3 release?