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I want to migrate Logmeister to another machine with all the settings preserved. Can I do that?

If you wish to move your LogMeister installation to another computer you can simply take a backup of your existing data files folder (see "Backing up your Settings and Data" above) and overwrite the corresponding directory on the target machine. This will only transfer feed and notification settings and data. You will need to manually re-enter configuration options such as email settings, startup options, etc.

  • Quit your existing LogMeister/EventMeister installation (and, if it's running, stop the LogMeister/EventMeister service) so that it doesn't change any data during transfer
  • Take a backup of the entire LogMeister (or EventMeister) data directory (keep a copy of this just in case!).
  • Overwrite the corresponding directory on the target computer.
  • Install LogMeister/EventMeister on the target computer.
  • Your fresh LogMeister installation should now have all of your existing feed and notification settings.

NOTE: In v4, your data directory can be found via use File -> Explore Data Folder. In older versions, type %appdata% into the Run box off the Start menu, and navigate down thru' "Technology Lighthouse\LogMeister" (or "Technology Lighthouse\EventMeister").

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