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I can manually generate reports to a network share, but scheduled reports fail

When you're running the front end app, it is able to use mapped drives and can access protected shares that you have logged into earlier in the Windows session. The service however runs in a separate session (even though it's running under the same account) and this session does not inherit mapped drives and credentials from the interactive session. That's the most likely reason why the manual report worked, while the automated one failed.

The solution is usually:
- Don't use mapped drives, use the full UNC path instead, e.g. \\shareddevice\pathtoshare
- If necessary use Configure -> Network Storage Access to supply any credentials necessary for access to the protected share.
- If network credentials are used, a reboot of the machine running LogMeister/EventMeister is sometimes necessary. This is due to a quirk in Windows networking.

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