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My text log name changes daily - how do I get LogMeister to always parse the most recent log?

There are a few ways to approach this, and they all involve settings on the first page of the Text Log Wizard. If you're starting from scratch then just create a fresh text log feed, otherwise right-click on your existing feed and choose "Wizard..." from the resulting popup menu.

What you do next depends on what other files are present in the directory that holds your raw logs:

If they're the only text logs in the directory, then:

  • Tick other files
  • Select "By file spec" and enter "*.txt" in the box (or whatever file extension matches your logs)

LogMeister will now parse all new .txt files as they appear. Files that it has already parsed will be ignored (unless their modification dates change)

Alternatively, if there are other .txt files living alongside your logs and you need to filter them out, you may need to use a more specific spec and/or even a regular expression.

  • Tick other files
  • Now think about the spec you want to use. For example, if your log file names are all of the form logDDMMYY.txt you could use: log*.txt

If on the other hand their names don't have a constant part, e.g. YYYYMMDD.txt then just use *.txt and back it up with a regular expression. For example, the following regular expression matches only files that have 8 consecutive numerical digits in them: ([0-9]{8})

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