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Checking the timezone bias used by WMI

Go to the Run box (off the Start menu) and type in WBEMTEST to start up the WMI Tester app.

  • Tick "Enable all privileges", then click "Connect..."
  • In the "Namespace" box of the connect dialog, type:
    [where is the name of the networked computer whose logs are to be read]
  • In the "Credentials" section, enter the account name and password you're using in EventMeister to connect to the remote machine, and press "Connect"
  • Back on the main screen, press "Enum Instances..."
  • Enter the following superclass name and hit OK: Win32_TimeZone

This should return a single record that is the PC's currently assigned timezone. Double-clicking will open it up and you can read off various values, the most crucial of which is "Bias" (the offset from UTC in minutes).

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