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Troubleshooting WMI errors and repository corruption

There are several reasons why LogMeister/EventMeister may not be able to retrieve event log data from the local PC or a PC on your network. Access denied errors are nearly always down to security issues - incorrect permissions for WMI or DCOM (or both) or intervention by a firewall or similar security software, but more obscure errors can be caused by corruption of the WMI repository.

The first thing to try in such cases is Microsoft's own inbuilt WMI test utility, WBEMTEST. The following link describes how to use this valuable resource:

If you don't get any clues from WBEMTEST, try a reboot. Sometimes this can clear WMI faults that have no obvious cause. Failing that, you can try the following articles on detecting and repairing problems with the WMI repository:

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