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Our account passwords must be changed frequently; how do I change the logon passwords for all of my feeds at once?

The "Copy Properties To" facility allows you to edit just one feed, then rapidly propagate the changes you have just made to any number of other, similar feeds. In the case of feed logon credentials, please proceed as follows:

1) Open up any one of the relevant (non-local) feeds for editing by double-clicking or right-clicking and choosing "Properties..."

2) On the Event Log page, supply the new account credentials.

3) Press "Copy Properties To..." and tick the option "Event Logon". Make sure the other fields are unticked, unless you also want to propagate those settings to your other feeds. Now, in the lower half of the dialog, tick all the feeds that are to receive the updated logon credentials. (Tip: you can quickly select all the feeds in a group by ticking just the group itself).

4) Press OK to exit that dialog, and OK again to commit your changes in the feed properties sheet below it. All the targeted feeds will now receive the new logon credentials.

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