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No feeds displayed after upgrade to version 5.x

If you set a different location for the data folder during an upgrade installation of version 5 but haven't copied over the contents of the old data folder, LogMeister/EventMeister will appear empty on its first run.

There are two ways to remedy this:

1) Install again (no need to uninstall first), setting the data folder back to its former location. Then - after the installation - use the "Change Data Location..." command on the File menu to move the entire data folder to its new location. This command takes care of copying over all the necessary files, setting the new data location for both frotn-end app and service, and restarts the service automatically.


2) Quit the front-end app and stop the service, then copy over the entire contents of the old data folder to its new location. Finally, restart the service and run the front end app to confirm that everything is present and correct.

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