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How to create feeds for many servers when those servers aren't listed in the Eventlog Feed Wizard

If the networked servers aren't being found by the netbios search (firewall intervention? network discovery disabled?) then you can always create their feeds en-masse using a csv file, assuming you have a list of all the relevant server names.

From the Feeds menu, select "Create event feeds from csv file" and press the Help button. This will show you the format for the comma separated values (csv) text file. You can prepare the file directly in a text editor, but most people find it easier to use Excel then save it out as a csv.

To specify the log in the file, use the same log name that you would select if you were creating a local feed..

e.g. if you're after the MSI and Script applocker log, you would use:
Microsoft-Windows-AppLocker/MSI and Script

Or for the security log, you would just use:

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