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"For some reason, your key was not accepted" error when entering license key.

This error usually occurs for the following reasons:
1) The cryptographic services are damaged or disabled (services turned off?),
2) Unusually strict permissions have been set on the Windows registry key (or keys above it) that is used to store the license. The license is held in the product-specific arm of the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\TLHouse

The name and key are encrypted, stored in that location then read back and checked. If either the encryption/decryption fails, or if the write/read operation fails, then you will see the error.
Also note that the location is account specific, so the use of "Run as different user" also has the potential to cause problems or confusion here...

If #2 is the problem, it is strongly recommended that permissions be altered to allow changes to be made to the product's key in HKCU/Software, as the permissions not only prevent license storage, but ALSO prevent changing of important program preferences. Remember that it is still Microsoft's recommended practice to store small preference values in the HKCU portion of the registry!

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