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Can LogMeister parse a text log for which the filename changes every day?

With appropriate configuration LogMeister can easily handle text logs that are spread across multiple files, even if the name of the newest file changes on a daily basis. (Note that for text files, it is LogMeister you require, rather than its eventlog-only sister product EventMeister).

A guide on how to do this is in the Help file that is installed along with LogMeister. The topic to look for is:
Working with feeds -> Creating a new standard feed -> New Feed Wizard - Text Log -> Step 1

In brief, the wizard requires that you initially nominate one file as an example to be used for setting up the parsing parameters, but you can then specify that the log actually comes from multiple files, and provide a file spec that matches all the candidates. Each time LogMeister comes to look for new entries, it generates a fresh list of all qualifying files, sorts them by modification date and (re)commences parsing at the appropriate point.

If you need any help with setting up the source feed for your log please submit a ticket or email

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