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Transfering LogMeister settings to a new computer

The bulk of LogMeister's settings are stored in a sub-directory of the "Application Data" folder that is specific to the account under which LogMeister runs, e.g.

C:\Documents and Settings\<>\Application Data\Technology Lighthouse\LogMeister

A fast way to get there is to use File -> Explore Data Folder. Alternatively, type %appdata% into the Run box off the Start menu, and navigate down thru' "Technology Lighthouse\LogMeister"

To move this to a new machine just follow these steps:
1) Quit LogMeister (and, if it's running, stop the LogMeister service) so that it doesn't change any data during transfer
2) Take a backup of the entire LogMeister directory data directory
3) Install LogMeister on the new PC, then quit and stop the service
4) Replace the entire LogMeister data directory on the new machine with the backup you took from the old machine
5) Restart the service and run the front end app.

This will take care of all your feed and notification settings and data. You will still need to manually re-enter configuration options such as smtp settings, startup options, etc. if you're using email notifications.

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