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Options for exporting log data from LogMeister / EventMeister

There are basically three approaches you can use:

1) Export the data from within LogMeister/EventMeister to xml, csv, text or custom file format.
This can be done either on demand via File -> Export To File (see Help, Reports & Exporting Feed Data), or via schedule on the Reporting tab of each feed (double-click feed and switch to Reporting tab).

2) Extract the data directly from the store files. The store files used by both our monitoring products are SQLite databases. A variety of 3rd party tools (some free, others available for purchase) can be used to extract data directly from the store files and analyze/format it as required or even re-import to other database systems. The store folder is found in %appdata%\Technology Lighthouse\EventMeister\Stores, or you can use File -> Explore Data Folder. Each ".sto4" file is an SQLite database and is named after the corresponding feed's ID. A mapping of feed IDs can be obtained via File -> Dump List of feeds

3) LogMeister version 5 (due in 2016) also has the option of forwarding log entries from any source to one or more syslog servers. This is accomplished via the syslog notification type.

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