LogMeister / EventMeister 5 Coming Soon!

A new version of LogMeister and EventMeister are currently under development with release expected in November 2015.

New features planned for this release include:

  • SysLog Support

    The ability to receive and forward syslog events from a variety of servers/hardware on your network.

  • Multi-User Web Interface

    View LogMeister/EventMeister feeds via a web interface.

  • Optional Agents

    Option to use either agents or remote monitoring on a server by server basis.

  • New Ease-of-use Features

    A number of new features to make setup and administration quicker and easier.

If you have any requests for new features please do let us know. As it gets closer to release date the chances of fitting them into the next release get smaller but they will at least be considered for a subsequent minor release. Reply in the comments section here or drop us a line.

Buy LogMeister or EventMeister Now and Upgrade to v5 Free of Charge!

If you buy the current version of LogMeister or EventMeister (of if you have done since the beginning of July) then you’ll automatically be entitled to a free upgrade to version 5 when it’s released.


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