Licensing and Pricing

How Many Licenses do I Need?

You will need to purchase a license for each installation of LogMeister or EventMeister.

  • You do NOT need to install LogMeister or EventMeister on monitored PC's or servers.
  • You do NOT need to purchase a license for each server or computer that you monitor.

Example 1 - You want to install EventMeister on a single server and use that installation to monitor Event Logs on 50 networked servers and PC's. You need to purchase a single EventMeister license costing $129.99 USD.
Example 2 - You want to install LogMeister on 100 servers and use each installation to monitor logs on a different network. You will need to purchase 100 licenses - one for each installation. Please contact us for pricing for volume purchases.

Most of our customers only require a single license to monitor their entire network.


Single License
(price in USD)
Five License Pack
(price in USD)
LogMeister $199.99 $724.99.95
EventMeister $129.99 $474.95
LogMeister Priority Support (1 Yr)*
Includes free upgrades
$82.00 $297
EventMeister Priority Support (1 Yr)*
Includes free upgrades
$52.00 $189.98

*Support Options Explained

Basic Support - We provide FREE lifetime support for all of our products via email or our Help Desk. This includes free upgrades to maintenance releases of our software and a 40% discount on major upgrades. Although we can't guarantee response times the vast majority of support requests are dealt with within two working days.

Priority Support - Many of our customers prefer to pay a little extra for guaranteed next business day response times and the convenience of downloading new major versions of software - without the need to purchase upgrade licenses.

The annual charge includes guaranteed next working day response to support requests and downloading of all minor and major releases of the software during each year that you are covered by priority support.