There are two components to LogMeister products:

  • The application front end which is used for configuration purposes and for log viewing and analysis.
  • The service component that runs in the background and monitors your network's logs even when no one is logged onto the host computer.

LogMeister Architecture

Log Data is processed as follows:

  • Data is retrieved from logs on the host machine and any networked computer either in real-time or according to schedule.
  • Apply filters to eliminate noise events and ensure that only items of interest are presented.
  • Define notification criteria to ensure that you are alerted and/or specific action is taken should a specific items (or entry patterns) appear in logs.
  • Data is held in LogMeister's internal store for viewing and analysis. Merge data from disparate logs for time-line analysis, apply filters, sort, create multiple snapshots of data and perform side-by-side analysis. You can generate a report (predefined or custom) for any given view of data.
  • Generate reports and export data in a variety of formats (including custom formats) and ODBC (MySQL and SQL Server). This can be on demand, according to schedule or when internal stores reach a given size.

No Agents Required on Monitored PC's

As LogMeister is a centralized monitoring solution there is no need to install agents on monitored PC's and servers. This results in:

  • Reduced maintenance (a single installation to maintain).
  • Reduced license fees (monitor as many servers and logs as you like without the need to purchase additional licenses).
  • Improved security (no remote agents that can be tampered with).