LogMeister is used by many companies and organizations to help meet and demonstrate compliance with applicable regulations and standards. The raw data collected by LogMeister can readily be combined and filtered using "aggregate" feeds to produce exactly the information you require, and this can be output in a variety of standard and tailor-made formats on a scheduled or on-demand basis, for use as-is or as input to a 3rd party reporting / analysis package.

Use LogMeister to automatically track and document anything noted in logs across your network, including:

  • Logon activity
  • Service startup, failures and outages
  • Hardware and software failures
  • Server reboots and health issues

If additional analysis, number-crunching or reporting is required, you can easily export data to external software, and where possible, trigger automatic import / processing via parameterized command line.

Additionally, the highly configurable rule-based alerting facilities in LogMeister will ensure that you always have the awareness and information to respond to situations in a timely and appropriate manner.