EventMeister Release History

Version Release Date Description
EventMeister v5.3.1.0 16th July 2018 - Fix to front end: spurious error on selection of feeds and groups when one or more groups are collapsed.
EventMeister v5.3.0.0 22nd June 2018 - Scheduled reports: source feed can now be included for reports generated for aggregate feeds.
- Scheduled reports: aggregate source feed now an option for body of custom reports.
- Dashboard view added to main window.
EventMeister v5.2.1.0 6th Oct 2017 - Changed URL launch to fix issues with some browsers.
EventMeister v5.2.0.0 1st June 2017 - Increased control over formatting of event "Data" field, including named values.
- Added template system to custom eventlog views
- Can now define exclusion script for noise elimination in custom eventlog views
- Filters now can be set to include or exclude items according to their defined rules
- Note: This release changes the file format for feeds. Please back up your data directory before updating.
EventMeister v5.1.1.0 7th April 2017 - RECOMMENDED UPDATE
- Fixed problem with bookmarking for event logs that have recently rolled over.
- Added Administrative Events custom log definition for Server 2016
EventMeister v5.1.0.0 16th March 2017 - Improved active directory search in eventlog feed wizard
- Extended use of bookmarks to catch eventlog entries even during extended downtime.
- Real-time event feeds using Windows Event Collection technology (WEC) can now start populated with old events.
- Updated Help and UI to reference WEC explicitly.
EventMeister v5.0.4.0 1st March 2017 - Path validation for report definitions now more strict
- Tweaks to text-based report generation to improve efficiency.
EventMeister v5.0.3.0 5th Feb 2017 - Added: Email component upgraded; now supports STARTTLS, OpenSSL no longer used.
- Fixed: Notification email page now warns if blank message will result.
- Installer updated.
EventMeister v5.0.2.3 4th Nov 2016 - Fixed: Added: Can now toggle selected rules in filters, notifications etc. via space bar
- Installer updated
EventMeister v5.0.1.0 18th April 2016 - RECOMMENDED UPDATE
- Fixed: Reports could intermittently appear empty if "Exclude previously exported items" option was used
- Fixed: Occasional redraw problem when restoring main window from taskbar
- Fixed: Installer now includes current version of Help file
EventMeister v5.0.0.27 28th March 2015 - Added: Multiple reports per feed
- Added: ODBC export option for reports (MS SQL and MySQL currently supported)
- Added: New "ID matches" rule for easily including/excluding a list of event IDs
- Added: User-definable presets for filtering / notification rul construction
- Added: Redesigned "Copy Properties To" facility for rapid multi-feed editing.
- Added: UI for changing location of the data folder
- Added: Support for running front-end app and service under different accounts, subject to location of the data folder.
- Added: Internal log more readily accessible
- FIXED: Better handling of UTF-8 chars in Windows event logs
EventMeister v4.4 4th Aug 2015 - Added: Additional pages added to Help file.
- Added: Front end now has optional version check to advise of newer versions
- FIXED: Handling of domain login credentials for remote machines using Windows Event Log tech has been improved.
- FIXED: Notification rules using array-based values in data field of eventlog events now extract all the data without truncation.
- FIXED: Display bug on edit constraints dialog now corrected.
EventMeister v4.3.4 29th April 2015 - FIXED: A recent bug introduced into EventMeisters own internal log handling has been eliminated. In some cases this could have caused the service to crash.
EventMeister v4.3.3 16th March 2015 - FIXED: Build-up of temporary files and associated delay in realtime event gathering in certain conditions now fixed in both service and front-end app.
EventMeister v4.3.2 21st March 2014 - FIXED: Critical event log entries in the right hand pane now use an appropriate icon.
EventMeister v4.3.1 25th Feb 2014 - FIXED: Scrolling an aggregate view that is sorted by source feed could result in a crash.
- FIXED: The "Find" function could fail to locate matching items in the aggregate view.
EventMeister v4.3 3rd Dec 2013 - NEW: Can now define custom views for eventlogs similar to the "custom views" facility in Windows EventViewer on Vista and later, but with the advantage that these views can be used even on older operating systems such as Server 2003.
- CHANGED: Option to limit notifications to "X in Y Minutes" is now applied on a per-feed basis.
- FIXED: In some cases a realtime connection to a remote server could become unresponsive without being detected as such. This has now been rectified.
Event Meister v4.2.1 15th June 2013 - FIXED: A recent change could result in a fatal UI problem when running the front end on 2003 server and Windows XP. This has been corrected. The service was unaffected.
Event Meister v4.2 16th May 2013 - ADDED: test action in notification wizard now grabs most recent record to use as test data.
- ADDED: Uses additional network enumeration to catch more machines
- FIXED: Corrected error in view filter logic.
EventMeister v4.1 27th July 2012 - Added menu option to immediately suppress popup and/or email notifications
- Added limit count to further control frequency of notifications
- Revised the Help file
- Fix: Initial poll now processes all available items even if store capacity is limited.
- Fix: Filter parsing previously stopped at the first disabled rule.
- Assorted minor interface tweaks
Event Meister v4.0 23rd April 2012 - Collected data is now held in SQLite databases. A range of mature 3rd party tools exist for reading and presenting data from SQLite, thus presenting more opportunities for data extraction, reporting etc.
- Improved event log parsing. Now makes use of latest technology (where available) to obtain event log data and can read newer event log types such as those for the Task Scheduler, Firewall etc.
- Date/Time restrictions can now be applied to notifications, constraining notification firing to certain days, timeslots within a day etc.
- Notifications trigger rules now include sequences, e.g. a notifcation can be set to fire only if an event matches certain criteria and was preceded by other specific events.
- Filters can now be applied to scheduled reports
- New report option: export to SQLite database
- Rules for filters can now be copied/pasted to/from clipboard and saved/loaded to/from file.
- Handling of timezone and DST adjustments improved.
- Ability to hold data in non-standard locations has been improved.
- Numerous usability and presentation improvements
Event Meister v3.0.9 22nd December 2010 - Increased sample of file in text log wizard to cope with files with many header lines.
- Password no longer shown in feed list export
- "Poll Now" now available when group is selected, to trigger poll of all contained feeds
Event Meister v3.0.8.0 1st Oct 2010 - Updated email component. Can now send mail via a wider selection of servers and use SSL.
Event Meister v3.0.7.1 18th August 2010 - Fixed rare crash when editing feed properties via double-click
EventMeister v3.0.7 9th March 2010 - Fixed timezone-related bug that afftected notifications in certain circumstances
- Fixed taskbar popup notification position on Windows 7
Event Meister v3.0.6 10th Nov 2009 - Added new Date/Time tab to Event feed properties. Provides manual control over DST and timezone correction where needed (counters bugs in recent MS patches for Vista/Svr 2008) FIX - csv bug "Export to file". - licensing bug on PCs with registry issues. - date/time text parsing for 12 hr clock
EventMeister v3.0.4 20th July 2009 - The DST workaround, formerly for US systems running with Microsoft's DST patch, has now been extended to work on UK (GMT) systems. This is to counter incorrect timestamps returned by WMI on systems running Vista / Server 2008 after the installation of Service Pack 2. If your system is affected, choose DST Correction from the Configure menu.
Event Meister v3.0.3 3rd July 2009 - Automatic expansion of system error code placeholders in event log entries is no longer applied if the event message appears to contain a URL.
- Microsoft changed the ordering of events returned by WMI in Vista and Server 2008 with service pack 2 to bring it back in line with all its earlier versions of Windows. To provide support for unpatched systems, you can now tell LogMeister whether to correct the ordering of events as returned by WMI (see the "Reverse Order" checkbox on the Event Log property page of event feeds)
- As this release changes the format of the feed data files, we recommend that you back up your existing feeds prior to installation. See the Help section on Backing up and transfering settings.
Event Meister v3.0.2 18th March 2009 - Added DST Correction option as a workaround for a bug in Event Log timestamps introduced by the Microsoft Daylight Saving Time patch on US/Canadian systems.
- Updated installer. It now takes the following new command line parameters: /SVCACCT="YourAccount" and /SVCPWD="YourPassword"
e.g. for a silent install you might use:
EventMeister v3.0.1 28th April 2008 - Raised cap on notification sensitivity from 10 to 70
- Updated installer (some improvements for Vista)
EventMeister v3.0 20th February 2008 - Custom reports / Custom Outputting and Archiving Formats
- Option to Run script, batch file or executable when scheduled report or data archive is generated.
- Bulk event feed creation from an external file
- Action notifications improved - now has Run As... to launch command under specific account
- Field substitution in action notifications
- Improved aggregate definition user interface
- Hierarchical display and navigation of feed groupings
EventMeister v2.6.2 19th April 2007 - Added ability to change the text that is used to assign icons to event types.
- Improved compatibility with hardware DEP on Vista.
EventMeister v2.6.1 20th February 2007 - Changes to ensure correct icon used for German event log entries.
- Compatibility fix for certain CA products.
Event Meister v2.6 1st Dec 2006 - Vista compatibility. Please see the Troubleshooting section in the help for additional configuration steps if you are attempting to retrieve event log data from a remote Vista PC (i.e. a PC other othan the one running EventMeister).
- "Catch events as they arrive" is now the default event log retrieval method. In most cases it has the least cpu and network load.
- Added new filter rule, allowing construction of notifications and filters that require a date/time to be within the last X hours or days.
EventMeister v2.5.5 20th Sept 2006 NOTE: This release changes the format of the Notifications.dat file. We recommend that existing users take a backup of that file prior to upgrading. For more information on taking backups, please see the Help.

- Notifications can now fire when new items have not been seen within a certain time period, e.g. if a service indicates a healthy state by issuing regular information events, you can now be alerted when such events have ceased to appear.
- Fix: Prevented rapid-fire poll failure notfications for event log feeds using "catch events as they arrive" method
- Changes to help ensure correct app/svc synchronization at registration time
EventMeister v2.5.1 12th Aug 2006 - Added ability to insert placeholders for feed name, computer name etc. directly into the subject line of emailed notifications. The placeholders are replaced with the appropriate value when the email is sent.
EventMeister v2.5 29th June 2006 - Added ability to set notification assignments while creating new feeds and editing exiting feeds
- Can now force all displays and reports to use 24hr format (Configure menu)
EventMeister v2.4.1.0 2nd May 2006 Fix: Changes to ensure that the service's copy of the aggregate feed definition is always up-to-date.
EventMeister v2.4.0.0 12th April 2006 - Major changes to make filtering and notification rules more powerful and flexible
- Improvements made to reduce memory usage when handling logs that receive new items very frequently

NOTE: This version changes the format for feed definitions. Please take a backup of your existing definitions prior to installing this update - instructions on how to do this are in the Help - see the section entitled "Backing up and Transferring Settings".
EventMeister v2.3.5.0 13th January 2006 - Improved date store file handling
- Improved interface for aggregate feed creation. It's now possible to select multiple feeds to populate the aggregate definition more quickly.
- Assorted UI improvements
EventMeister v2.3.0.0 30th October 2005 - Added facility for quickly copying settings from one feed to many others.
- Now preserves German "umlaut" and other language-specific characters
EventMeister v2.2.0.0 20th September 2005 - Added automated report generation for feeds. This is available only for licensed copies of the application.
- Improved automated feed compaction
- Improved scrolling behavior in filter dialogs
EventMeister v2.1.7.0 3rd August 2005 - Tray icon now automatically re-instates itself if Explorer is restarted.
- Cosmetic changes
EventMeister v2.1.6.0 28th May 2005 - Added support for non-standard characters in connection passwords
- Improved validation for regular expressions.
EventMeister v2.1.5.0 30th April 2005 - Added new dialog for viewing all fields of a single item, similar to
Event Viewer's properties dialog.
- Added presentation of login credentials for notifications that write
to network shares/drives
- Added the ability to store the data folder in custom location - see
section of the Help titled "Backing Up & Transferring Settings" for details
- Improved handling of damaged data stores
- Reduced cpu utilization in front-end app for "catch events as they
arrive" feeds
EventMeister v2.1.0.0 31st March 2005 - User-defined grouping of feeds, with group enable/disable.
- Logs produced by notifications can be emailed automatically according
to user-defined schedule. XML logs can be converted to HTML report
format if required.
- XML type added for logs produced by notifications
- Duplicate facility for Notifications
- Full control over the text in email notifications (better for those
using an email-to-SMS service)
- Ability to easily transfer view settings (column selection, width
ordering and filtering) to multiple compatible feeds.
EventMeister v2.0.1.1 7th March 2005 - Fixed non-scrolling event log selection tree.
- List control displaying available computers now holds its current
scroll position during network enumeration
EventMeister v2.0.1.0 16th February 2005 - Installer now accepts domain accounts, as long as they're members of the local Administrators group.
- If the front-end application is launched under a different account from the service, a warning message will be displayed.
- Event Log Feed wizard now allows multiple feeds to be created in a single pass.
- WMI connection settings adjusted to improve compatiblity with domains containing XP/2003 computers.
EventMeister v2.0.0.0 23rd January 2005 - Option to run as a service.
- Configuration options for optimizing EventMeister for various server conditions (Previously optimized for servers with small to medium sized Event logs)
EventMeister v1.1.0.4 28th November 2004 - Fix to ensure that icons are retained when installation is moved to different PC or a different account on the same PC
- Adaptive timeout in Event Log Wizard when determining available log
- Added minimize to / restore from tray animation
EventMeister v1.1.0.3 19th October 2004 - Self-tuning timeout used to prevent intermittent poll failure on slow PCs/large event logs.
- Status bar feedback improved. Installer includes latest version of gdiplus.dll from Microsoft to counter jpeg vulnerability (Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-028)
EventMeister v1.1.0.2 23rd August 2004 - Some changes made to WMI connection parameters to work around problems reading event logs on some Win 2000 server installations
EventMeister v1.1.0.0 10th August 2004 - First Public Release