Log Management

A Lean and Flexible Log Management Solution

Quickly and easily build powerful, tailored systems

LogMeister has been designed from the ground up to be a lean and extremely flexible log management solution. It can be used standalone, but for many customers its real strength lies in its ability to work with your existing tools and packages, creating a tailored system that precisely meets your log management needs.

Log Monitoring, Data Collection and Aggregation | Tailored Event Handling | Flexible Archiving and Reporting

Log Monitoring, Data Collection and Aggregation

Consolidate log data from multiple sources

Gather log data from a variety of different sources, then split and/or combine it into as many or as few streams as you require.

  • Collect data from key Windows event logs either separately or merged together in a stream, filtering out irrelevant "noise" events
  • Monitor event logs in real-time or according to a schedule
  • Receive syslog messages from Unix / Linux devices via UDP, TCP, TCP+TLS encryption
  • Gather entries from text logs that span multiple files, even if a new file is generated each day.
  • Use the aggregation facility to blend log sources together to provide a single filterable data stream covering multiple logs and/or servers, or split a single log source into multiple individually filtered streams.

Tailored Event Handling

Specify custom responses to events of interest

Equal flexibility exists when it comes to deciding how LogMeister should react to specific events:

  • Execute parametrized command line for integration with external services and software
  • Send an alert email to one or more addresses
  • Forward the log item and / or your own parametrized text to syslog servers
  • Copy entries of interest to a separate output stream and optionally email it
  • Visual/audio alert on the PC running LogMeister

Flexible Archiving and Reporting

Choice of built-in and external archiving and reporting tools

Use LogMeister's inbuilt storage and reporting facilities, or export the data automatically to your own external databases, statistical and report generation packages.

  • Collected data from each source is held in its own dedicated and robust non-proprietary database for maximum recovery in event of hardware failure.
  • Export collected data in fixed or self-defined formats or via ODBC, by schedule or on demand, for archival and/or further processing & analysis.
  • Optionally use your own tools extract the data directly from LogMeister's stores and post-process as required.

A range of formats for reports, with optional post-processing command line.