Detect, Investigate, Resolve


Powerful rule-based alert facilities

LogMeister has powerful rule-based alert facilities which not only provide timely notification for events that require your attention, but add the ability to tie-in with external services and software via parameterized command line execution.

Alerts can trigger both on detection of a specific event or event sequence, or in the absence of expected "life-sign" events. Furthermore, each alert has configurable sensitivity to ensure that response to occasional benign anomalies is proportionate.

Rule-based alert facilities

Investigate and Resolve

Gather data, delve deeper

Noteworthy events can be output to file and sent by email along with parametrized alert text so you can take action promptly or forwarded to syslog server(s). In cases where the response to a specific situation is known and automatable, autonomous resolution may be possible.

For more complex cases, you will have access to LogMeister's store of collected events, with the ability to combine data from multiple sources over a specific time range, thus building a complete and accurate picture of the situation you are facing. Output the data for documentation and/or further analysis, and take appropriate and timely action, resolving the problem before it becomes a crisis.